Our Mission

To improve the quality of life of families and seniors that are food needy within our reach by offering basic sustenance, food education and self-sufficient training.


About Our Organization

The Madera County Food Bank was established in 1999. We are an organization who tries to meet the food needs of Madera County. Our organization operates on a great number of volunteers. Volunteers are very important to the success of the food bank. Individuals who volunteer gain a great understanding on many of the programs that we offer. As a food bank we try to reach out to any person or family in need of food. We also have programs that are intended to reach out to our senior citizens of Madera County. There are also different food give-a-ways that are held at the food bank. The food bank holds a Thanksgiving and Christmas food give-a-way every year. We here at the Madera County Food Bank, also try to partner up with agencies and organizations to assure that the residents of Madera County do not go without food.

Meet the Team



Ryan McWherter

Executive Director


Michelle Ruiz

Office Manager

Board of Directors

Kevin Schwin


Mary Diebert

Vice President

Martin Jones


Susan Whitaker


David Votaw

Board Member

Wanda Beck

Board Member

Victor Montes

Board Member

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